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Lyudmila Gruppina founded Glo European Skin Care in 2007.
Our specialty is European corrective skin care with an emphasis
on healing and maintaining healthy skin.

Luda has been practicing the art of corrective skin care for over a decade. A licensed esthetician, Luda has also trained in aroma therapy, spa and body therapy, reflexology, Reiki (Japanese energy healing), microdemabrasion, advanced speed waxing, and brow sculpturing . She studied with the experts at the Dermoligica, Bioelements, and Rejuvi Institutes.

At Glo European Skin Care, our advanced European techniques are formulated for every skin type. Our modern approach to skin care leaves you feeling rejuvenated, young and beautiful. We bring out the natural vitality in your skin, often hidden by the stresses of life.

Before Glo, Luda practiced at Raya Spa, where she learned their unique skin extraction techniques. Luda improved her approach by infusing her knowledge of Reiki, creating skin care that rejuvenates both the skin and the soul.

At Glo, you are not a client. Not a patient. But a friend.

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